About Me

Hi I'm Maria and this is me.

I have a family of five. I live with my aunt and 2-3 cousins. I was named after my nann. I went to Disneyland, Los Angeles with my family in 2015. This year me and my family might be going to the Gold Coast. Then next year we will travel with our church, Destiny Church to New Orleans for a special conference.

My favorite school subject is Writing. I love writing narratives about over dramatic situations or maybe a family with a ton of problems. I have only been to one school in my whole life and that is Destiny School. My cousin now attends Destiny School with me.

My best friends name is Lauren but Lauren is not the only friend who is close to me, because I have strong connections with all my friends. From an early age to the present time, my friends have been by my side. I wouldn't trade my friends for millionaires.

  • I dream to have a modern house that can fit my future and present family. 
  • I dream to own a franchise of restaurants labelled Bunny Chow Chow.
  • I dream to have a successful job that can support all of my families needs.
  • I dream to be closer to all of my family, from the family up North to the family in Sydney.
  • I dream to have a big yacht or a private jet.
  • I dream to visit Rio and shop in Paris.
  • I have a great family.

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  1. Hi Maria,
    I love your blog! I also have a family of five, and I have also been to Disneyland a couple of times. I love how you would like to own a franchise of restaurants. Most people our age don't even start thinking about that until we are 20! A big yacht and private jet would be amazing... could we share? Visit my blog at: http://kathlrober3704.blogspot.com/
    Thank you :) ,